3D Holographic Displays
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Welcome to Holocube North America. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art 3D holographic display advertisement tools that will get you noticed. We offer our customers an up-close look of their products in stunning 3D, something traditional modes of advertising cannot provide.


Our products range in size to fit any application. Scroll down to learn more about our various Holocube display sizing options.


A sleek and elegant display. Perfect for smaller spaces and showing small objects in incredible detail.


A medium sized display that will keep you miles ahead of the competition with its holographic content marketing.


Our first mobile unit that allows you to display your favorite characters, models, and products in a dynamic way.


A large display that stands out and has an impressive track record of stopping customers in their tracks. Perfect for trade shows and exhibits.


We took our biggest display and turned it sideways. The result is an absolute “stop you in your tracks” effect. Can’t be missed.


A display that has the “wow” factor to cater to large amounts of foot traffic. This show stopper cannot be ignored.



Standard - Matte Black

Our signature Holocube look. Powder coated matte black

Branded - Vinyl Wrapped

Wrapped with your logos, messages, colors and fonts

Integrated / Structured

Custom built structures to seamlessly integrate into your booth or space


Attract customers with a holographic display in your store

Trade Shows

Have an eye popping display for your next trade show

Museums / Exhibits

Holocubes look amazing in any setting such as an exhibit




Plug Holocube In

Just plug the unit into a standard 120V outlet

Insert Content into Media Player

Copy and paste your video file onto the MicroSD and insert into the media player

Turn Holocube On

Press on the power button to start the unit. Optional lights operated by 2nd button

Touchscreen / Tablet

Connect to a Holocube with a tablet to make it interactive

Voice Activiated

Command the Holocube to play specific videos

Gesture Controlled

Manipulate the object inside the Holocube using just your hand gestures




Our holographic display technology is like nothing else on the market, which is why we employ a team of experts to help you use your Holocube to its fullest potential. Scroll down to learn more about Holocube North America and the services we offer.


All of our Holocube models are available for rent, and we supply full customer service to help you best take advantage of its powerful technology. Contact us for rates and details on rentals.


If you’re ready to make an investment in the future, call us to order your Holocube now. Each Holocube comes with an optional floor stand kit that seamlessly matches its stylish design.


You don’t need any special skills to use a Holocube. Our professionals will help you develop the graphics that you wish to display in your cube. We will work together to create an eye-catching image to increase your sales. Browse our gallery of past work!

Virtual Reality

Come experience what Virtual Reality has to offer.  The options are unlimited and our team of highly trained professionals will help you achieve that. We will work together to create an experience you will never forget.

Application Development

Evolve your animation by having our team create custom applications that will interact with your Holocube via tablet, computer or gesture control.

Content Management

We can also provide the service of having all the displays remotely controlled in order to update content and manage timing for turning the units on and off depending on the activation.

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