A 3D holographic display is such a valuable tool to have in your marketing strategy, especially as we head into the holiday season. There is no better time to include Holocube into your marketing plan!

Storefronts are beginning to bring out all the bells and whistles – flashing lights, garlands, Christmas trees and festive holiday posters – in attempts to draw consumers in.  But let’s face it – traditional holiday décor is not going to make your business memorable and if you take this route, you may end up blending in rather than standing out from the crowd.

The main advantage of our state of the art 3D holographic displays is that they are still relatively new to the market. The average consumer is yet to see advertising in this form, so when they do, the results can be jaw dropping. It is human nature to try to understand something that is unknown. Based on this principle, using a holographic projector will capture a viewer’s attention for long enough to make an impact, as they try to figure out how the floating image is projected.

It’s attention grabbing, distinctive, somewhat “exclusive” and will help your business stand out from crowd. Ring in the New Year and be a leader in changing the retail shopping landscape with your own 3d holographic display!

From pop-up shops to large scale department stores, Holocube North America has a holographic display to fit any of your store’s needs. Our hologram projectors range from 15 inches up to 70 inches, allowing you to display anything as small as a watch to as large as a full grown adult.

At Holocube, we are all about giving your audience an experience they will never forget, from interactive video walls to holographic displays. We use animation to bring imagination to real life.

We use it to inform consumers about the functionality of products and what they look like from the inside, outside, and in detailed true-to-size or even sizeable fashion. We can portray how things are made and highlight ways in which products are unlike any other by creating sequences of breaking down, or building up. We use it to display your concept in object-like form. Ultimately, we have the potential to exhibit your business brand and/or product from all possible angles, literally and figuratively.

Our 3D holographic displays are not only perfect for retail in terms of the content they can show, the hardware itself is ready for the potential environments it can be put in. While many of our competitors use rather dim screens to cut costs, Holocube North America uses ultra-bright digital signage, an essential component to combatting external lighting. The exterior of the Holocube is made of powder coated steel, not cheap plastic. This allows the holographic projectors to be able to withstand much more of the regular wear and tear that retail displays typically endure, especially around the holiday season.

Holocube North America also offers vinyl wrapping services to elevate your holographic display to another level. Your branding, slogans and even social media hashtags can adorn the Holocube, allowing your audience to connect with your brand on another level. Did we mention that Holocubes get photographed a lot?

In addition to vinyl wrapping our holographic displays, we also develop and create custom enclosures. These can be made of plastic, steel, wood or whatever your needs may be. Just let us know what you would like your holographic projector to look like, and our creative team will link up with our engineers to develop some enclosure concepts for your approval.

The ease of use of a Holocube is a huge benefit to retailers. Our 3D holographic displays only have three steps to operate. Upload your content onto a Micro SD card, put it in the media player, and turn the power on! It is really that simple. For your content management needs, Holocube North America also offers a solution that takes away the worries of manually uploading content. Using our state of the art media players, we are able to schedule and modify your content, all out of our head office. Would you like your ad to change depending on time of day or day of the week? Easily done. How about a last minute change to the animation, will you need to have someone physically remove the card and upload again? Not necessary, Holocube can handle it without leaving the office!

The great thing about our holographic displays is that you do not need to purchase one. If you are looking for an immediate boost for the holiday season while the foot traffic is highest, reach out to us for our special holiday rental program. We can almost guarantee that you will want to continue using our hologram displays once Santa has come and gone. Separate yourself from your competition as the playing field tightens for the last couple of months of the year.

This year, give your audience the gift of an incomparably exciting holiday shopping experience – give them Holocube! To revitalize your retail displays or to learn more about our hologram display technology, contact us today.